Advancement of learning, education and skills, Relief of poverty

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Mobilising Resources

Our resources include online and distance learning resources which provide courses at various levels from foundation level 1 (personal, social and transferable and work-based skills) to level 7 post graduate diplomas leading to Masters Degree top-ups.

We channel our resources into projects and activities that directly connect individuals, groups and communities to networks that share knowledge, skills and resources that improve the quality of their lives.

Creating networks of local partnerships among individuals, groups and communities including work-based learning and apprenticeships

We make appeals for donations and grants including material and equipment donations for schools, social groups, youth clubs and other community-based groups

Alleviating Poverty.

Poverty includes having little or no food, shelter, clothes, healthcare, education, and other physical means of living and improving one's life. There are many people in our society that suffer the effects of poverty and we all should do our best to alleviate or reduce poverty and bring about progress, growth and development of those disadvantaged.

UNDP considers poverty reduction the overarching goal of its work. Many governments the world over have programmes addressing poverty to various degrees as part of the United Nation’s Millennium Goals on alleviation of poverty. LBC Lifeline is proud to contribute to these global efforts on poverty reduction. We are an agent or catalyst bringing about the desired change. To achieve this, LBC Lifeline relies on the support of partners willing to donate resources and participate in the various poverty alleviation programmes. We encourage as many individuals and organizations to support and sponsor the various activities.

The poverty alleviation programme includes:

Homelessness: – provide food and shelter to the homeless especially focusing on children and teenagers who are separated from their families and are living rough. We provide temporary accommodation and seek lasting solutions including matching them to housing groups and other resources available in their neighbourhood.

Drugs and alcohol abuse: supporting and guiding the vulnerable especially children, teenagers and young adults to find opportunities for counselling, rehabilitation, social services and skills training to improve themselves and gain prospects for employment.

Unemployment – Helping those out of work to develop skills including basic literacy and numeracy, transferable and employability skills, job search training, writing of CVs, coaching on interview skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, computer and internet skills and other relevant skills that suite their personal circumstances.

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