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Mentoring And Coaching

Mentoring and coaching are strong tools for achieving learning and personal development. A mentor or coach is partnered with a mentee or a group of mentees and learners to provide the guidance, instruction, motivation, encouragement and other support for the mentees/learners to achieve their goals and objectives.

The programme aims to provide coaching and mentoring schemes and programmes for the youth to improve their grades and achieve qualifications including those with learning disability and other challenges. The programme will mainly focus for those disadvantaged at the following levels;

• Coaching young people struggling with education in subjects such as mathematics, sciences and languages. This includes years 14 to 19+ year olds preparing for their high school subjects, GCSE, “A” levels and other pre-university courses. To this end, LBC will identify the learners with need and match them with suitably qualified tutors in their respective areas of need for either a one-to-one or group arrangement.

• Coaching and mentoring to young adults seeking to master a skill such as sport, IT, media or other work-related skills.

• Coaching and mentoring for adults undertaking re-training and work-based skills as a result of unemployment, redundancy, and other changes in the environment that yield the necessity to upgrade, update, and acquire new knowledge and skills.

• Coaching and mentoring specialist groups such as ex-convicts, school-dropouts and others who have been at cross-roads with society at some stage and are disadvantaged by the historical association of the past. We work with relevant government departments and social welfare organizations to reach out to these individuals and groups and create opportunities for them to achieve skills that will help them on their road to self discovery.

Sponsorship Programme.

The sponsorship programme aims at finding willing sponsors and match them with individuals and groups in their specific area of interest. We help identify sponsors for the following areas;

• Sponsoring children from disadvantaged families and backgrounds get a lunch meal while at school.

• Helping children from poor families or those orphaned to achieve an education including primary, secondary/high school and further and higher education and training.

• Assisting bright students from poor families attend university in those environments where government sponsorship and loan funding options are not available.

• Assisting and supporting people suffering with life threatening illnesses like cancer to receive the specific medication and medical care that is needed.

• Establishing scholarship schemes to support learners from poor background to enable them achieve education and employment qualifications and skills.

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