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Health and Lifestyle Programme

This programme includes the following;

• Promoting and participating events and activities that enrich people’s well-being in mind, body and soul.

• Establishing health centres, clinics, health clubs, gyms, physical exercise clubs, and other initiatives that increase awareness for good health, exercise, obesity, primary health, sanitation, hygiene, mental health, and other health and lifestyle issues.

• Promoting lifestyle research and publications that promote good health through exercise and good diet as means of combating health issues such as obesity, diabetes and other health conditions.

• Promoting of games and exercise in schools to reduce problems with obesity and ill-health among the young and to increase awareness and encourage young people to eat healthily and to play and exercise.

• Promoting of sports for people of all ages including swimming, tennis, football, cycling, etc

• To help malnourished children through emergency interventions feeding programmes that distribute well balanced foods to treat malnutrition before it becomes life-threatening.

• Promoting hygiene and sanitation by providing access to safe drinking water by tapping springs, drilling wells and installing water systems and teaching the importance of water and sanitation in preventing disease. Provide training and information to individuals, groups and communities on important health issues.

Education and Training

The programme aims to provide a variety of learning opportunities - pre-employment training, skills development, continuing learning and personal development, leadership development and learning through courses, seminars, conferences, online courses, schools, colleges, work-based programmes and further and higher education to learners of all background.

To establish and run low-cost learning and educational institutions including schools, training centres, academies and colleges to benefit those from low income backgrounds in society.

Where possible we offer free or partially funded training, courses and educational programmes that enable individuals to rise to their challenges and take advantage of opportunities for personal development.

Among our main educational projects are the following;

Project 1:

Our learning and educational project focuses on motivating members of the minority groups to achieve personal and professional development through;

• Providing basic/foundation level 1 & level 2 courses including English Language and numeracy.

• Developing personal and professional skills

• Career development through level 3 and Level 4 courses

• Achieving further and higher education through NVQs, Apprenticeships, Higher National Diplomas and other higher education qualifications.

• Achieving university top-up degrees

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