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Environmental Challenges or Disasters

In the social relationship, organisations are socially, morally and politically bounded to improve the quality of life of society through transparent and ethical behaviour that is consistent with sustainable development and the welfare of society

We are keen to play our part in society, minimising any negative impact of our activities on the environment and on the communities in which our facilities are based. We also strive to help artists reduce their impact by providing advice on the use of our products.

We are constantly investing in initiatives to improve water pollution, waste management, carbon emissions and energy use as well as being committed to protecting natural resources for long term survival and independence.

Improved air and water quality, environmental problems are increasing. Global climate change, rapidly decreasing biodiversity and growing extinction rates, dwindling resources, and pollution are serious and escalating threats.

Environmental issues are inextricably linked to human rights, animal protection, and economic and political issues. For example, placing polluting industries in poor neighborhoods is both an environmental and a social justice issue. At LBC Lifeline we provide information to improve awareness of individuals and communities to the importance of environmental issues and the responsibilities for preserving the environment.

Enterprise Development

Through the use of social media and community-based groups and associations we provide advice, support and encouragement for small business initiatives, group income generating activities, community-based projects and other activities aimed at developing entrepreneurship among adults of all ages, backgrounds and gender.

We encourage formation of credit unions, savings clubs, job search clubs, and other groupings that help to mobilize ideas and resources for gainful engagement.

Project 1:

Minority groups empowerment and enterprise training. This project focuses on African and Caribbean minority groups and provides motivational workshops and training events covering issues such as;

• Starting a small business

• Marketing and promotion

• Customer relationships and services

• Managing a small business

• Accounting and financial management

• Developing online business

• Borrowing and managing debt

• Starting a savings and credit union

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